On Demand: Emdubai – “Molly”

Emdubai’s not a newcomer, but is making his biggest splash yet with his radio single “Molly” now hitting airwaves in Power 92 Chicago.



Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 10.57.31 PM

Emdubai’s latest offering, “Molly”, is making it’s rounds in the blog and mixtape world.  The single has an official music video that was release just four days ago.  Already it is featured on Tony Harder’s new mixtape Alien From Mars Vol. 5.  and “Molly” has been spinning frequently on Power 92 Chicago Radio.

In addition to this,  Emdubai is fresh off an appearance on DJ Disaster’s Armageddon tape on iTunes for “Toast.”  The new single “Molly” is produced by Mouthpiece Prod. and shot by JBooth.

“Focus on your weaknesses, NOT what makes you great,” said Emdubai, commenting on his recent embrace from the DJ/Blogging community.

The record is still in it’s infancy but it’s rumored that another premier hip hop radio broadcaster, possibly WGCI, might be picking the record up soon.

A Chicago native but resides in Iowa, Dubai has been an entertainer for a while on the scene.  He notably performed at Kinneck Stadium, and has opened for several top billing acts in the past.


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