Fresh Traxx: DJ 500 Benz – “Shimmy”

DJ 500 Benz is on an assault to pour out content.  His latest offering is a southern-fried conglomeration of music genres.



It’s not unusual to see producers dropping beat-tapes these days.   In this sense, there’s nothing totally new about local Iowa native producer DJ 500 Benz.   Except… well the guy is dropping tracks at the rate of Lil B.  He recently posted “Shimmy” late Thursday evening.

In November 2012,  500 dropped his first ever solo instrumental EP,  Geometrics.   It was a relatively modest project, which could have been regarded a little too lo-fi for most listeners.  However, eight more free beat tapes proceeded it just shy of three months later.    (Recently, Little Village mag reviewed Geometrics II, his 5th release.)  It seems 500 may have refined the formula.

500 is gearing up for his tenth project:  Commercial Break 2.   We’re really digging this new track, which feels like Southern Rap gumbo of EDM.  Tell us, what you think?


3 thoughts on “Fresh Traxx: DJ 500 Benz – “Shimmy”

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