New Releases: DJ 500Benz – Hipster B******

DJ 500Benz drops another beat-tape that begs for attention with it’s shameless title and blending of between electronic music, hip-hop, and the latest trends in dubstep.



This blog is no stranger with affiliate DJ 500Benz.  We’d be too busy posting everything the Iowa City producer is doing, however his latest tape, dropped via Bandcamp, is one of his more interesting projects.   The inconsistency in sound and style can be jarring at times, but it’s clear DJ 500Benz isn’t afraid to cross genre lines.  Some tracks are reminiscent of chill-out or ambiant music, while others are hip-hop/ club music.  Th

All in all, the tape doesn’t stop with the controversial title:  Hipster B​!​‡►Ⓗ€$.   One could say that the tape takes a cheap shot at the genre of “noise” or an eclectic fusion across multiple genres.

Tell us what you think?  You decide here:


New Release: Bud D. Luck – The Blackout EP

After a slew of single releases,  the first official full length project from Bud D. Luck & squad has dropped today via the group’s Bandcamp page.  



 Drug Muzic member Bud D. Luck released his first EP titled,  “The Blackout EP.”  This marks the first full official release from the #drugmuzic outfit.   This release appears to be a concept album, derived with the following linear notes:

The album is a kind of Momento where the listener starts in one place, travels back through Bud D. Luck’s outrageous night and arrives back where they began and Bud D. ended; a park bench, hungover and passed out. With various skits woven into the songs, the album is best experienced if listened to straight through. Enjoy. #workhardstayhigh

Although this is a solo effort, it appears this is a group effort, with members Ex-L providing the cover art,  KB providing additional recording, and Shakes as lead mixing and production.

Along with the release, it appears the group has also announced a show in Macomb, IL at Hangover’s in April.

Marq Divine is one of the rappers that topped this years “Top 10 In The Big 10.”
We sat down with Marq and talked about his process in the studio, how he came to
start his recording career, his future project “Contacts” and more.

FreshTraxx: Ex-L – “Eternal Sunshine” (Prod. By Shakes)

You need this music…  The bad boyz of the local scene drop a new track that gives Jay Electronica and Rockie Fresh a run for their money.  The song:  “Eternal Sunshine” with a #DM debut performance from rapper EX-L.


Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind’s influence on hip hop music is far from marginal.  The music from the movie was penned by Jon Brion, key collaborating producer of Kanye West.    Jay Electronica dropped a song using a loop from the score.

When it comes down to it,  making a song called “Eternal Sunshine” would almost certainly be considered a cliche move towards exciting audiences.

This is not the case with Drug Muzic’s latest….  Drug Muzic is the collective made up of Shakes, Bud D. Luck, KB, and Ex-L.  We reported that they were gearing up release snippets of their EP, and Bud D. Luck’s EP.   This seems to be one of many tracks or “films” surfacing from this project on their website.

“Eternal Sunshine” is not an attention seeking whiny child of any of the aforemented songs.  Rather,  Shakes produces a marvel of a beat constructed around an unrelated sample.     EX-L lyrics are rapid, yet what can only be described as relaxed.  The beat is intense, but soothing.

Make sure to check Drug Muzic’s official page.

Review: Bam Musik “Champagne Year” Mixtape

Check out the review of what we consider this year’s best mixtape by Bam Musik.



If you keep up with the Iowa City rap scene,  Bam Musik is a relatively fresh name in the game.  Despite being an entry artist,  Bam was voted #8 on our fan-poll of the “Top 10” in Iowa City.

Bam Musik is the Burlington, Iowa rapper

Champagne Year marks Bam’s first effort as an artist, and as a member of ESG Studios in Iowa City.

The mixtape is fueled by the street track,  “Think I’m That Jordan.”  This is a monster.  Don’t skip too quickly, this track may sound like your typical Chief Keef or Chicago 808 track, but there’s serious soul in this track.   Organs blarr while Bam rides the waves of the track.

Bam makes his way effortlessly through other tracks like the amplified track “Blocka” and

You might be surprised to know Bam could rock with the latest Young Chop beat or your Boom Bap Soul.  There is an eclectic mix of both types of styles.   Usually, these tracks don’t sound good side by side.   It’s a non issuse on Champagne Year.

There are some quality cuts on here.   Take into consideration Bam’s debut is better than most vets new releases.  There are a few misteps here and there that keep this from being perfection, but there’s plenty of proof that Bam has only just begun.

Download These:  “Brick of Work” , “Think I’m That Jordan”

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Results Are In: 2013’s Top 10 In The Big 10: #iowasfinest

The final list arrives after ten days of voting for the Top 10 in The Big 10.   600 Votes Casted!!!


The following is the first annual POORBROKERAPPERS TOP 10 IN THE BIG 10 LIST: 

10: SpaceTimeKontinuum – 3.6% Votes

Ranked #20 in Reverbnation’s Charts,  this artist has a low discography but a lurking fanbase in the works.  Certainly not the only white rapper on the list, but definitely one of the more intricit.  Check his latest material from Reverbnation.

9:  Marq Divine – 4.0% Votes

A staple in the hip hop scene,  Marq has been making his presence known ranging from internet releases, collaboration albums, and even promotion city-wide for his events/material.  He is ranked #5 in Reverbnation’s local charts.

8:  Bam Musik – 4.2% Votes.

“Think I’m That Jordan” might be one of the biggest records put out this year statewide.  His mixtape is on deck to be reviewed on our blog, which you can download here.

7:  Producer’s Corner:  DJ 500 Benz– 5.6% Votes

DJ 500 Benz has been dropping beats on YouTube.  A lot of material.  You can get his mixtapes here.  His next tape is set to drop in 6 days titled, “Commercial Break 2.”

6:  EmDubai – 6.6% Votes

Emdubai’s latest video + rotation on Chicago’s Power 92 Radio.  500,000+ views on YouTube.  Numbers don’t lie for Emdubai.

5: Big Bang DBT – 7.2% Votes

We just reviewed their latest album.  The Cedar Rapids group Big Bang took #6.   The super-group that has worked with your favorite rapper.

4: #Drug Muzic – 10% Votes

The clique made up of Bud D. Luck, Shakes, KB, & EX-L.  Shakes is #6 on Reverbnation local charts.  The group makes #4 here.  Their latest effort is set to drop in Mid-March.

3: Producer’s Corner:  CZHECK Productions –  11% Votes

Coralville, Iowa’s CZHECK makes up #1 on Reverbnation local charts.  With over a 100,000+ plays, it’s incredible to see the work and the amount of material the producer has amassed.

2: LyssaLadyBOSS  – 14% Votes

The new MidSouth Muzik signee’s new single is hot.  The girl has been putting in work.  She takes #2 in the top 10 list.

1:  Coolzey – 15% Votes

A staple in the rap community,  Coolzey steals the number one spot this year.  Check out his recent output with rapper Angle.

Honorable Mentions:  MrFloatOffProductions appeared on the charts even though not listed at #11.  Another producer,  Ghost, known for his work with Bill Thousand and others, had many open ballots in his name.

FreshTraxx: Bill Thousand Takes New Mixtape To The Bank

Bill Thousand, Cedar Rapids area rapper by way of Indiana attracts attention on latest mixtape release by Corporate Thugz Entertainment.



Local M.C. Bill Thousand landed a track on the latest mixtape by Young Jeezy’s C.T.E.    Bill Thousand’s track, titled “Exodus”, is along side other artists such as Tone Trump, Young Jeezy, and Pitbull to name a few.  The tape Trappin On My iPhone 2 is out now on mutliple outlets.

The tape is an official mixtape from, a reputed Hip Hop mixtape site.   Bill Thousand has been working a lot on the site, dropping a video on the site only a few days prior to the release of the new mixtape.

Many may be familiar with Bill Thousand from his work with rapper Marq Divine on their FBIP series and his collaborations producer Ghost.  His catalogue, though somewhat scattered throughout YouTube and Reverbnation is growing.  On the latter website, he is #9 in the Reverbnation CEDAR RAPIDS list this week.

Bill Thousand describes his sound, “”HOLOGRAM PICTURE ….THINK’N OUTTA FRAME MUSIC.”

More music from Bill Thousand:

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