Results Are In: 2013’s Top 10 In The Big 10: #iowasfinest

The final list arrives after ten days of voting for the Top 10 in The Big 10.   600 Votes Casted!!!


The following is the first annual POORBROKERAPPERS TOP 10 IN THE BIG 10 LIST: 

10: SpaceTimeKontinuum – 3.6% Votes

Ranked #20 in Reverbnation’s Charts,  this artist has a low discography but a lurking fanbase in the works.  Certainly not the only white rapper on the list, but definitely one of the more intricit.  Check his latest material from Reverbnation.

9:  Marq Divine – 4.0% Votes

A staple in the hip hop scene,  Marq has been making his presence known ranging from internet releases, collaboration albums, and even promotion city-wide for his events/material.  He is ranked #5 in Reverbnation’s local charts.

8:  Bam Musik – 4.2% Votes.

“Think I’m That Jordan” might be one of the biggest records put out this year statewide.  His mixtape is on deck to be reviewed on our blog, which you can download here.

7:  Producer’s Corner:  DJ 500 Benz– 5.6% Votes

DJ 500 Benz has been dropping beats on YouTube.  A lot of material.  You can get his mixtapes here.  His next tape is set to drop in 6 days titled, “Commercial Break 2.”

6:  EmDubai – 6.6% Votes

Emdubai’s latest video + rotation on Chicago’s Power 92 Radio.  500,000+ views on YouTube.  Numbers don’t lie for Emdubai.

5: Big Bang DBT – 7.2% Votes

We just reviewed their latest album.  The Cedar Rapids group Big Bang took #6.   The super-group that has worked with your favorite rapper.

4: #Drug Muzic – 10% Votes

The clique made up of Bud D. Luck, Shakes, KB, & EX-L.  Shakes is #6 on Reverbnation local charts.  The group makes #4 here.  Their latest effort is set to drop in Mid-March.

3: Producer’s Corner:  CZHECK Productions –  11% Votes

Coralville, Iowa’s CZHECK makes up #1 on Reverbnation local charts.  With over a 100,000+ plays, it’s incredible to see the work and the amount of material the producer has amassed.

2: LyssaLadyBOSS  – 14% Votes

The new MidSouth Muzik signee’s new single is hot.  The girl has been putting in work.  She takes #2 in the top 10 list.

1:  Coolzey – 15% Votes

A staple in the rap community,  Coolzey steals the number one spot this year.  Check out his recent output with rapper Angle.

Honorable Mentions:  MrFloatOffProductions appeared on the charts even though not listed at #11.  Another producer,  Ghost, known for his work with Bill Thousand and others, had many open ballots in his name.


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