Review: Bam Musik “Champagne Year” Mixtape

Check out the review of what we consider this year’s best mixtape by Bam Musik.



If you keep up with the Iowa City rap scene,  Bam Musik is a relatively fresh name in the game.  Despite being an entry artist,  Bam was voted #8 on our fan-poll of the “Top 10” in Iowa City.

Bam Musik is the Burlington, Iowa rapper

Champagne Year marks Bam’s first effort as an artist, and as a member of ESG Studios in Iowa City.

The mixtape is fueled by the street track,  “Think I’m That Jordan.”  This is a monster.  Don’t skip too quickly, this track may sound like your typical Chief Keef or Chicago 808 track, but there’s serious soul in this track.   Organs blarr while Bam rides the waves of the track.

Bam makes his way effortlessly through other tracks like the amplified track “Blocka” and

You might be surprised to know Bam could rock with the latest Young Chop beat or your Boom Bap Soul.  There is an eclectic mix of both types of styles.   Usually, these tracks don’t sound good side by side.   It’s a non issuse on Champagne Year.

There are some quality cuts on here.   Take into consideration Bam’s debut is better than most vets new releases.  There are a few misteps here and there that keep this from being perfection, but there’s plenty of proof that Bam has only just begun.

Download These:  “Brick of Work” , “Think I’m That Jordan”


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