New Release: Bud D. Luck – The Blackout EP

After a slew of single releases,  the first official full length project from Bud D. Luck & squad has dropped today via the group’s Bandcamp page.  



 Drug Muzic member Bud D. Luck released his first EP titled,  “The Blackout EP.”  This marks the first full official release from the #drugmuzic outfit.   This release appears to be a concept album, derived with the following linear notes:

The album is a kind of Momento where the listener starts in one place, travels back through Bud D. Luck’s outrageous night and arrives back where they began and Bud D. ended; a park bench, hungover and passed out. With various skits woven into the songs, the album is best experienced if listened to straight through. Enjoy. #workhardstayhigh

Although this is a solo effort, it appears this is a group effort, with members Ex-L providing the cover art,  KB providing additional recording, and Shakes as lead mixing and production.

Along with the release, it appears the group has also announced a show in Macomb, IL at Hangover’s in April.


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