Artist2Watch: Marq Divine’s Latest Music Video and Mixtape Online Now

Having already checked in with rapper Marq Divine, PBR finds an track on a DJ King Flow mixtape and a single of his own pop up on the net this week.  


2013 is by far the best year in hip hop for Iowa.  We’re starting to see a lot of material pop up in mixtape, music video, and even album forms.  Iowa’s not the only one having a good year,  the same could be said for #9 Top 10 In The Big 10 artist Marq Divine.

Marq Divine recently released his music video showcasing his new track,   “I’m Divine.”   The video showcases many staples in Iowa City over old school drum loops.  Despite the drum loops, this track is a new spin on some old favorites, and the breaks never sounded fresher.

The track “I’m Divine” is expected to be on Divine’s up coming mixtape Contacts.  

In addition to dropping a music video, Divine’s popping up on other mixtapes.   His most recent appearance is on the song “Grind Til I Rest” which is featured on the Mixtape Addict 29 series.   Notable is the host, Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz, whom rap fans are familiar with from their Lil Jon hit, “Presidential.”


Given both releases were only days apart, PBR will keep you updated on Marq Divine, as we surely have not heard the last.

You can keep up with Marq Divine at:



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