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On the heels of multiplatinum rapper TWISTA’s return to Iowa City,  PBR looks back at the last time Twista showed up in Iowa City… with a lesson in mind.  Meet JC and MG,  two promoters from the now-defunct ICNIGHTLIFE and learn a thing or two about promotion.


Last week, we posted about the return of Twista to Iowa City, as he is headlining at Gabe’s this month.   This is not the first time, however.   A few years ago,  such ventures were extremely difficult to do,  with only a few success stories mostly coming out of Cedar Rapids and by the venues themselves.  Two promoters,  JC and MG formerly of the Iowa City social network ICNIGHTLIFE, drop their advice on promotion in Iowa City.   Their show garnered 1,000+ attendence at the Union Bar on May 5th, 2009.  Both give the strategy involved in promotions, while MG also takes us through the day of the show, for those preparing for their own shows.   Normally, this blog wouldn’t post a “how-to” section so to speak, but peep the interview and you just may catch a few gems.


On May 5th, 2009, MG hosted an event at the UNION BAR in Iowa City that headlined TWISTA. The event cost the 20-something $10,000 and garnered 1,000+ in attendance. MG gives a few promotional lessons he learned from the experience.   Specifically, MG talks about the importance of Networking & Sponsorship, and how it correlated to the success of the Twista show.


Sidebar –  “Top Promoter Mistakes” w/ JC, formerly of ICNIGHTLIFE



Supplementary –  “The Day of the Show” w/ MG, formerly of ICNIGHTLIFE


MG recounts the day Twista arrived in Iowa City for the first time.  Listen closely for all the details involved in booking shows and artists.


Review: Uncle Buc – Lake Effect 2: Live For Respect Die For Freedom [5 STARS!!!]

Our first ever 5 Star Review:  If you aren’t familiar with Uncle Buc, we apologize.  The 3zBrand rapper, and label mate of Jose G has a sequel to his Lake Effect Series just released.  This record should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential neighborhood.



Uncle Buc released a new mixtape titled Lake Effect 2:  Live For Respect Die For Freedom.   This publication would be lying to you if we said we didn’t have some difficulty located Lake Effect 1, but none of that matters.  See why:

Not that cover art is important, but this definitely takes the cake for highest quality in presentation.   The only reason we even mentioned it is because the music is up to bar [pun intented.]   “We Back” opens up with the booming system 808s, and is a decent opening, with catchy wordplay.

“G Shit” features label mate JBIII and solo artist Bill Thou, who makes a lyrical highlight on this track.

“3-1-Mine” is a highlight.   Crispy lyrics,  and a beat that would make DJ Mustard sweat.   You know they make T-Shirts of this available for purchase : peep Jose G reppin’ one.   You might want one after hearing this track.

“Solo” is another high moment,  Jose G featuring showing why he’s one of the best.  Uncle Buc and Jose G are quite a duo on a track.

“Navy” and “Baby Don’t Cry” are the next set of unbelievable music.  This is where Buc truly sets himself apart from his counterparts.   We almost thought we were listening to Me Against The World.   They are that good.

Why is this tape suprising?  Well, when you mix local production and full fledged industry instrumentals, it can be hard to maintain a cohesive feel.   Most chose to either go one route or the other.  This is a non-issue, mostly due to the production of JBIII, but equally said for the additional beatsmiths on this effort.  It’s a bold move that Buc is able to pull off impeccably.

The Verdict:  5/5

We are giving this perfection.     It’s too hot to handle.

Download Now:  Everything


New Releases: DJ 500Benz – Hipster B******

DJ 500Benz drops another beat-tape that begs for attention with it’s shameless title and blending of between electronic music, hip-hop, and the latest trends in dubstep.



This blog is no stranger with affiliate DJ 500Benz.  We’d be too busy posting everything the Iowa City producer is doing, however his latest tape, dropped via Bandcamp, is one of his more interesting projects.   The inconsistency in sound and style can be jarring at times, but it’s clear DJ 500Benz isn’t afraid to cross genre lines.  Some tracks are reminiscent of chill-out or ambiant music, while others are hip-hop/ club music.  Th

All in all, the tape doesn’t stop with the controversial title:  Hipster B​!​‡►Ⓗ€$.   One could say that the tape takes a cheap shot at the genre of “noise” or an eclectic fusion across multiple genres.

Tell us what you think?  You decide here:

FreshTraxx: Ex-L – “Eternal Sunshine” (Prod. By Shakes)

You need this music…  The bad boyz of the local scene drop a new track that gives Jay Electronica and Rockie Fresh a run for their money.  The song:  “Eternal Sunshine” with a #DM debut performance from rapper EX-L.


Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind’s influence on hip hop music is far from marginal.  The music from the movie was penned by Jon Brion, key collaborating producer of Kanye West.    Jay Electronica dropped a song using a loop from the score.

When it comes down to it,  making a song called “Eternal Sunshine” would almost certainly be considered a cliche move towards exciting audiences.

This is not the case with Drug Muzic’s latest….  Drug Muzic is the collective made up of Shakes, Bud D. Luck, KB, and Ex-L.  We reported that they were gearing up release snippets of their EP, and Bud D. Luck’s EP.   This seems to be one of many tracks or “films” surfacing from this project on their website.

“Eternal Sunshine” is not an attention seeking whiny child of any of the aforemented songs.  Rather,  Shakes produces a marvel of a beat constructed around an unrelated sample.     EX-L lyrics are rapid, yet what can only be described as relaxed.  The beat is intense, but soothing.

Make sure to check Drug Muzic’s official page.

On Demand: Emdubai – “Molly”

Emdubai’s not a newcomer, but is making his biggest splash yet with his radio single “Molly” now hitting airwaves in Power 92 Chicago.



Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 10.57.31 PM

Emdubai’s latest offering, “Molly”, is making it’s rounds in the blog and mixtape world.  The single has an official music video that was release just four days ago.  Already it is featured on Tony Harder’s new mixtape Alien From Mars Vol. 5.  and “Molly” has been spinning frequently on Power 92 Chicago Radio.

In addition to this,  Emdubai is fresh off an appearance on DJ Disaster’s Armageddon tape on iTunes for “Toast.”  The new single “Molly” is produced by Mouthpiece Prod. and shot by JBooth.

“Focus on your weaknesses, NOT what makes you great,” said Emdubai, commenting on his recent embrace from the DJ/Blogging community.

The record is still in it’s infancy but it’s rumored that another premier hip hop radio broadcaster, possibly WGCI, might be picking the record up soon.

A Chicago native but resides in Iowa, Dubai has been an entertainer for a while on the scene.  He notably performed at Kinneck Stadium, and has opened for several top billing acts in the past.

Artists2Watch: Jose G on the new Trap-a-holics mixtape.

Jose G, Cedar Rapids Native By Way of California, strikes it big with collaborations with G-Unit and Trap-A-Holics Mixtape Series.


Three years ago in the local scene, there was an adamant rapper that used to be at every show, every performance and every rap gig he could get into in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area.   The aggressive nature at which he paced himself early in his career is starting to pay off.

That rapper is Jose G.  Born in Sactown, California, Jose represents 3zBrand Entertainment in Cedar Rapids.  Although Jose has been recording for several years now, Jose started gaining traction in the Iowa music scene with his mixtape releases Cedarfornia & Cedarfornia 2.

This week brings the most exciting news for Jose G.   Jose announced and released his Brick Squad x Trap-A-Holics collaboration (the brand made famous by famous rappers Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame and others.)  If the buzz wasn’t enough,  Jose G is about to drop another collaboration with G-Unit artist Realm Reality on the 20th of this month.

The popularity of the series started turning heads locally and Jose G performed with a west coast icon, Ras Kass.  They performed together earlier this year.

Local promoter, MG worked with Jose G. early on in his career.  MG brought platinum rappers Twista and Chingy to Iowa City in 2009 and 2010.

“It’s unbelievable what’s happening right now in his career,” says MG.  “When I first started promoting three years ago, I always saw the work ethic he had.   He was at every show, performing, and working with his team.  I never expected this level out of any artist in Iowa.  It makes it all the much better that Jose G is the one receiving that attention.”

Jose G plans to launch Cedarfornia 3 later this year.

Another promoter  Johnny Charsimea of Iowa City, has watched Jose G. develop.

“There is a certain caliber of rap artists in Iowa City. You look at a group like Big Bang, and Jose G. in the early days was always around those guys, so you know he comes cut from the same cloth.    It’s no surprise to me that G is getting his props.  Finally!”  said J.C.

Social media from Jose G says Cedarfornia 3 drops later this year.  Make sure to check out Jose G.’s collab with Realm Reality February 20th.

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