Review: Uncle Buc – Lake Effect 2: Live For Respect Die For Freedom [5 STARS!!!]

Our first ever 5 Star Review:  If you aren’t familiar with Uncle Buc, we apologize.  The 3zBrand rapper, and label mate of Jose G has a sequel to his Lake Effect Series just released.  This record should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential neighborhood.



Uncle Buc released a new mixtape titled Lake Effect 2:  Live For Respect Die For Freedom.   This publication would be lying to you if we said we didn’t have some difficulty located Lake Effect 1, but none of that matters.  See why:

Not that cover art is important, but this definitely takes the cake for highest quality in presentation.   The only reason we even mentioned it is because the music is up to bar [pun intented.]   “We Back” opens up with the booming system 808s, and is a decent opening, with catchy wordplay.

“G Shit” features label mate JBIII and solo artist Bill Thou, who makes a lyrical highlight on this track.

“3-1-Mine” is a highlight.   Crispy lyrics,  and a beat that would make DJ Mustard sweat.   You know they make T-Shirts of this available for purchase : peep Jose G reppin’ one.   You might want one after hearing this track.

“Solo” is another high moment,  Jose G featuring showing why he’s one of the best.  Uncle Buc and Jose G are quite a duo on a track.

“Navy” and “Baby Don’t Cry” are the next set of unbelievable music.  This is where Buc truly sets himself apart from his counterparts.   We almost thought we were listening to Me Against The World.   They are that good.

Why is this tape suprising?  Well, when you mix local production and full fledged industry instrumentals, it can be hard to maintain a cohesive feel.   Most chose to either go one route or the other.  This is a non-issue, mostly due to the production of JBIII, but equally said for the additional beatsmiths on this effort.  It’s a bold move that Buc is able to pull off impeccably.

The Verdict:  5/5

We are giving this perfection.     It’s too hot to handle.

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